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S&D POWERNICS CO.,LTD, a manufacturer of power supply equipments, understands the
snd powernics
needs of our customers and share cutting-edge technology with them. Our firm has been making efforts to produce best quality products with new technology.



Main Products

iG UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

S&D Powernics new line-interactive UPS operates over an extremely wide range of 157~320 Vac without discharging battery while maintaining the UPS output to be within 230 Vac+/- 10% under all operating conditions.

iG PCS Power Conditioning System

S&D Powernics new grid-tie hybrid inverter uses a micro-generator design topology and utilizes diverse power sources such as solar, battery & grid power.

iG ESS Energy Storage System

S&D Powernics developed a new Hybrid EV Charger and Grid peak demand reduction system which overcomes following limitations of current.


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Photovoltaic Inverter

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Voltage Regulator AVR

Solar hybrid systems

Solar-Wind hybrid energy system

Solar inverter systems

Solar Electric Vehicle charging station

Solar Storage System

Solar EV charger

A battery charger

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UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Line Interactive UPS system

Uninterrupted Power Supply system

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power supply eupipments manufacturer

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